A Midsummer Night time S Wish Compare Comparison Essay

 A Midsummer Night T Dream Review Contrast Essay


CatherineВ DayeВ

PeriodВ 6

FebruaryВ 26, В 2015В

AВ MidsummerВ Night'sВ DreamВ

Compare/ContrastВ EssayВ

Shakespeare's ​

A Midsummer Night's Dream ​

hasВ beenВ madeВ intoВ fourВ differentВ movies. В OneВ ofВ

the movies,  is Michael Hoffman's 1999 ​

A Midsummer Night's Dream​

. В EvenВ thoughВ theВ

Shakespeare'sВ originalВ playВ isВ differentВ fromВ Hoffman'sВ film, В theВ mainВ ideaВ thatВ trueВ loveВ isВ notВ easyВ isВ stillВ presented. В TheВ characters, В plot, В andВ audience'sВ experienceВ displaysВ theВ differencesВ betweenВ theВ movieВ andВ theВ play. В

TheВ charactersВ inВ Shakespeare'sВ playВ wereВ differentВ fromВ theВ charactersВ inВ theВ movieВ inВ manyВ ways. В FirstВ ofВ all, В HippolytaВ wasВ anВ AmazonВ queen, В whoВ wasВ toВ marryВ TheseusВ becauseВ heВ defeatedВ herВ inВ battleВ inВ theВ movie. В OnВ theВ otherВ hand, В inВ theВ film, В HippolytaВ wasВ aВ feminineВ womanВ whoВ wasВ marryingВ TheseusВ forВ otherВ reasons. В InВ theВ play, В TheseusВ talkedВ aboutВ howВ heВ wooedВ HippolytaВ duringВ battle, В butВ sinceВ TheseusВ andВ HippolytaВ neverВ combatedВ inВ theВ movie, В thisВ partВ wasВ omitted. В InВ addition, В anotherВ characterВ whoВ differedВ inВ theВ movieВ thanВ theВ play, В wasВ Bottom. В HeВ wasВ aВ manВ whoВ hadВ noВ doubtsВ aboutВ himself. В However, В inВ theВ film, В hisВ dignityВ wasВ diminishedВ byВ twoВ childrenВ whoВ emptiedВ aВ bottleВ ofВ wineВ onВ him. В Bottom'sВ egoВ playsВ aВ largeВ partВ inВ thisВ storyВ becauseВ itВ addsВ humorВ toВ aВ loveВ story. В Similarly, В FluteВ wasВ aВ differentВ manВ inВ theВ playВ thanВ theВ movie. В HeВ playedВ Thisbe, В andВ wasВ anВ awfulВ actorВ throughoutВ theВ play. В Meanwhile, В inВ theВ film, В Thisbe'sВ actingВ evolvedВ duringВ theВ play, В intoВ somethingВ beautifulВ thatВ noВ oneВ expectedВ becauseВ heВ wasВ laughedВ at. В HisВ embarrassmentВ helpedВ convertВ hisВ badВ actingВ intoВ credibleВ actingВ inВ theВ end. В Thusly, В theВ charactersВ inВ theВ playВ contrastВ withВ theВ charactersВ inВ theВ film. В

NotВ onlyВ wereВ theВ charactersВ discrepant, В butВ theВ plotsВ wereВ differentВ asВ well. В AccordingВ toВ theВ play, В thereВ wasВ onlyВ oneВ purpleВ magicalВ flowerВ hitВ byВ Cupid'sВ arrow. В InВ contrast, В theВ movieВ...


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