Management Composition

1 . Products on hand management is definitely the planning and controlling of inventories to be able to meet the competitive priorities of the organization. (Points: 2)| В В В В В В В TrueВ


2 . В Supply chain incorporation is the successful coordination of supply string processes through the seamless circulation of information to suppliers, but does not include clients, such as distributors and retailers. В (Points: 2)| В В В В В В В TrueВ


3. Durability has three principle elements; financial responsibility, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility. (Points: 2)| В В В В В В В TrueВ


4. The repeated observations of with regard to a product or perhaps service inside their order of occurrence form a style known as a period series. (Points: 2)| В В В В В В В TrueВ


five. Operations preparing and booking is the procedure for making sure demand and supply plans are in balance. (Points: 2)| В В В В В В В TrueВ


6. Materials requirements organizing (MRP) is a computerized info system developed specifically to assist in managing dependent demand products on hand and scheduling replenishment orders. (Points: 2)| В В В В В В В TrueВ


7. The just-in-time (JIT) philosophy is definitely the belief that cutting products on hand and eliminating non-value-added actions in businesses can remove waste. (Points: 2)| В В В В В В В TrueВ


almost eight. Items, including components or assemblies, had to manufacture one last product these are known as: (Points: 3)| В В В В В В В quarantined components



finished items

being unfaithful. В Which of the following adjustments would boost the likelihood of a supply sequence experiencing the bullwhip effect? В (Points: 3)| В В В В В В В engineering changes to the appearance of a product В В В В В В В instituting a more exact materials managing information system В В В В В В В closely coordinating promotions with the internal marketing department and suppliers В В В В В В В using a more trustworthy delivery company

12. A corporate recycling where possible program usually takes obsolete models and reuses some basic parts in the next era of products is definitely an example of: (Points: 3)| В В В В В В В reverse logistics and environmental responsibility. В В В В В В social responsibility and values.

financial responsibility.

invert logistics.

11. Which one of the following statements about sales and operations organizing is best? (Points: 3)| В В В В В В A production program generally focuses on production prices and inventory holdings, while a staffing needs plan focuses on staffing and also other labor-related factors. В В В В В В Supply alternatives are activities that adjust demand patterns. В В В В В В Operations and marketing are definitely the only two functional areas that supply advices for growing production and staffing strategies. В В В В В В A level strategy stabilizes inventory levels by adjusting production costs or staff levels to match demand levels over the planning horizon.

12. Which of the next basic patterns of require is challenging to predict because it is affected by countrywide or international events or because of a lack of demand record reflecting the stages of demand from product development to decline? (Points: 3)| В В В В В В В horizontal




13. Which one of the following can be an MRP lot-sizing regulation that attempts to minimize the amount of average products on hand? (Points: 3)| В В В В В В В periodic buy quantity (POQ), withВ PВ = 2

fixed order quantity (FOQ)

economic buy quantity (EOQ)

lot for lot (L4L)

14. Continuous improvement with slim systems: (Points: 3)| В В В В В В В involves navigating a ship above treacherous rocks. В В В В В В В requires regularly increasing great deal sizes or perhaps workforce amounts to uncover concerns. В В В В В В entails methodically stressing the system and centering on problem areas. В В В В В В focuses exclusively upon internal functions without handling relationships with customers and suppliers.

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