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 Anova Hypothesis Testing Newspaper

ANOVA Hypothesis Testing Paper


September 5, 2011

University of Phoenix

ANOVA Hypothesis Tests Paper

According to Payscale. com an individual which has a high school education entering the task force will earn below an individual with all the same level of education who has performed longer in that particular discipline (Harrison, 2010). Team A has chosen data from the Wages and Wage Earners data set and will be using the analysis of variance, also called ANOVA, to compare the mean of age groups 18 - 63 which were split up into several age groups to compare the standard salary of each and every age group and can determine the accuracy of Payscale's claim. In this daily news we discuss our exploration question as well as the hypothesis and have absolutely how we determined the selected speculation. Research Issue and Speculation Statement

Is there a difference in received wages intended for workers using a 12th level education based on the age of the worker? At a five percent amount of significance (α), the team's null speculation (H0) is that the mean ratings are the same for the several groups 18-25, 26-33, 36-44, and 46-53. The different hypothesis (H1) is that by least one mean differs from the others. These ideas are simply illustrated as: H0: πgroup you = πgroup 2 = πgroup three or more = πgroup 4, H1: At least one indicate is different. Five Steps Hypothesis Testing and Results of F Test out

Team A conducted this steps to evaluation their speculation. Step 1 – The null and various hypotheses:

H0: πgroup 1 = πgroup 2 = πgroup 3 = πgroup 4 H1: At least one mean is different

Step two – Pick the level of relevance: ά sama dengan. 05

Step three –Identify test statistic:

Utilize " F” distribution because this is an ANOVA test Step 4 – Formulate your decision rule

Decline the null hypothesis in the event F-calculated is usually greater than 2 . 85 (F-critical) Step # 5 – Calculate quality statistic, arrive at a decision, and state a conclusion:

Degrees of freedom inside the...

References: Harrison, H. (2010). The Average Salary of High University Graduates. Recovered July 2, 2011, from



Reject H0

Do not reject H0

± =. 05

F = 2 . 85


α sama dengan. 05

F = installment payments on your 85


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