AP Chem Summer Homework

 AP Chem Summer Homework Essay

п»їAP Studio Digital photography Summer AssignmentsMrs. C. Reed

Principles of Design Photograph a Day pertaining to 70 Times

Please complete the following photos over the summertime. Remember you are creating a design portfolio centered on the principals of design and style using pictures as your media. You need to choose 70 in the 100+ from the list listed below and shoot a photo a day. Now bear in mind this is more than just a snap shot take your time setting things up and challenging your self compositionally.

Please upload your photos once a week to flicker together with your first brand last first and the expression in the title.

[email protected] com Photoadaysummer2014

Tell a story

Create something hideous

Now get its good side





My teen brain

The tallest building in town

Ursa Major


Fortune cookie

A slightly imperfect clone

Your chosen place to cover

Your earliest memory

Superhero in each day clothes

Lost things

Found things

In the refrigerator




Caught touring an unknown path

Traveling a worn path

Between your property and mine



A moment on time


Producing on the wall

An trip

Traveling between trees

Satisfy me in…

Will self-destruct in twelve seconds?

Give up hope

I think I've one to various (object)

The photo that changed the world

Captured in time




Digitally altered

One particular too many filter systems

Family portrait


Who is that guy in the background?

If I commence here

Basically end here

Nobody panic

Everybody manage

Paper airplanes

All things arrive to an end

All things start off somewhere

Love letter

I think it had been a record year for…



A mission

A hazard

A venture

A speculation




To and fro again





Boogie moves


The not known


Cast off

In the middle of nowhere fast

In the center of anything



The last day time

Inside outdoors

Lights inside the distance



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