Assignement 1 Celta

 Assignement 1 Celta Article


Focus on Language Services- São Paulo - Brasil

Cambridge CELTA

Written Job 1: Language related jobs

Length: Among 800 and 1000 words


Term: Didier Cadotte

Date: The 12 of September 2012

Please submit this cover sheet with the assignment


(first draft)


(second draft)

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Assignment one particular: Language related tasks

If necessary, please resubmit by:

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Project criteria

For this assignment, prospects can illustrate their learning by: a. Analysing dialect correctly pertaining to teaching functions.

b. Properly using lingo relating to form, meaning and phonology when ever analysing language. c. Interacting with reference components and referring to information they have learned about dialect to an appropriate source. m. Using crafted language that is clear, appropriate and appropriate to the task. Reference: CELTA Syllabus and Assessment Recommendations

What are we looking for?

An assignment that shows an ability to:

a. Clarify the meaning of terminology

appropriate for level.

b. Clarify the form of language, applying

appropriate lingo.

c. Make clear key pronunciation features of


d. Recognize potential complications with meaning,

type and pronunciation.

e. Supply a clear and appropriate framework to

support convey the meaning.

f. Check the students' understanding of the

focus on language appropriately.

g. Work with reference catalogs to evaluate language

and acknowledge these types of sources.



Also the assignment …

Is definitely complete, we. e. answers all sections, and

sticks to the phrase limit.

Uses language which can be clear and coherent,

and essentially free from mistakes in spelling,

punctuation and sentence structure.

Is presented clearly.

General Comments:


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Target Language Services- São Paulo - Pais e do mundo

Cambridge CELTA

Written Project 1: Language related tasks

Submit: doze / 2009 / 2012

Length: Between 800 and 1000 words

Aim: To develop your capability to look at language (structure, functional language and vocabulary) in the students' point of view to enable you to make thoroughly for language lessons. You should utilize grammar guide books or perhaps course catalogs and a monolingual book. Bullet items may be used in this assignment. JOB: From the field below, choose one item from every single pair to analyse, and: a)

Analyse meaning:

Give a clear description (appropriate intended for level) of what the item means; emphasis only around the meaning utilized in the affirmation.


Analyse type and ingredients label the parts (using terminology):

Structure – statement/negative/question forms (if applicable); make sure it can clear which in turn words may be substituted and which are " set in stone”.

Vocabulary – label that e. g. adjective, phrasal verb and many others; irregular earlier forms, common collocations, etc . Functional Dialect – present which parts are " set in stone” and which will parts could be changed e. g.? Will you mind + verb+ing (present participle) & object?


Highlight key pronunciation features. Use phonemic script wherever useful. phrase or sentence stress,

fragile forms,


links between sounds, spasms, lost noises, etc .


Anticipate problems - considercarefully what problems learners might have with all the features you listed above. a) What facets of the meaning may be difficult for students to grasp? Are available other words/structure that exhibit something similar? Does the composition exist in students L1?

b) What form-related faults might pupils make when trying to make use of the item? c) What concerns might sts have with particular seems, word pressure or other pronunciation issues? Use your common sense and also reference sources.


Imagine your pupils are not familiar with each language item. Describe a context that might help communicate its that means so that you may elicit the prospective statement.


State how you...

References: several -" Sensible English Usage”, Michael Swan (OUP, 1980)


1- "”

2- " Practical English Usage”, Michael Swan (OUP, 1980)

3- " Macmillan The english language Dictionary”, Macmillan Publishers Ltd. 2003

4- " Cambridge Dictionaries Online”


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