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Are you up for the challenge?

The Brief


02 03 04 05 summer

Welcome The brief Taking part in the challenge North Sea infrastructure Technology and BP



Everyone should be open


We are going to excited you want to take part in the Ultimate FieldTrip 2011 competition. From your first petrol discoveries in Persia to today's enhanced oil and gas restoration techniques, BP has always been on the frontiers of science, technology and anatomist. The earning team from the Ultimate FieldTrip 2011 may have the opportunity to encounter and help the real difficulties facing BP today during a six to eight week paid summer time internship. The successful staff will: • Work on an actual project where business decisions will be made • Experience the range of functions in BP's North Sea business, which include trips to our Forties canal and a great offshore program • End up being mentored simply by BP specialists • Become fully paid

Good luck!



The brief


Innovation and efficiency are necessary to permanent sustainability. The process focuses on the united kingdom. We are buying a five small ‘pitch' – in any e-mail you choose - that can be e-mailed to us. It should communicate your ideas plus the thinking behind them. The challenge can be as follows:

What innovative, scientific ideas can easily your crew come up with to keep the UK continental shelf being a global centre of ocean technology and engineering excellence by increasing the useful life of North Ocean oil and gas system –and, possibly, the oil and gas fields -- as their financially productive activity comes to an end? Judging Criteria – what are we looking for? • Innovative thinking, original suggestions • Advice that are in a commercial sense feasible by 2020 • Quality of thought and presentation • Your explanation and the concepts you made a decision against • Teamwork



Getting involved in the challenge


Stage one particular – Signup online (now) The first thing you must do is to form a team of three persons and register your particulars online by bp. com/fieldtrip. We will likely then send you an email to confirm how to handle it next and how to submit the entry. Stage 2 – Initial submitter (by 17 December 2010) We be familiar with workload that students confront today. We wish to make the 1st part possible for you to indulge in. Your submitter should take any form that could be viewed by a judging -panel in less than a few minutes. This might become a short film to show your ideas, a written paper, or any additional format that could be emailed to us. In this first level we envisage you spending no more than five to ten hours working on a short response to demonstrate your idea. Browse the judging requirements carefully and above all make sure that your submission takes no more than a few minutes to review. The deadline for your submission can be 17 January 2010 Stage 3 – Semi-finalists announced (17 January 2011) We will announce the semi-final short-list on the website and we will alert successful members by email. Stage 5 – Local semi-finals (February 2011*) The semi-finals is a chance to hone your ideas and present them in person to an industry panel. Following your regional semi-final events, the finalists will be selected and announced.

The locations for regional semi-finals are to be decided with respect to the short-list in order to help you with travel around. Your expenditures will be covered. †Stage 5 – Grand final (April 2011*) The best clubs will be chosen to go through to the grand last, which will be kept at a prestigious London location. The grand last will be evaluated by mature BP people and professionals from market.

On the night we can announce the winning group before all of us celebrate the big event together.

Register your crew now for bp. com/fieldtrip

*Exact schedules to be confirmed †For complete terms and conditions...


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