Organization and Operations

 Business and Administration Dissertation

п»їUnit six: Guidelines of finances in a business environment


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Please note that Assessment record has 12 pages and is made up of several Sections.


Section you: The purpose of financial constraints

This section will help you to evidence Learning Outcome you: Understand the reason for budgets in a business environment.

Learning objective

Place in Examination

1 . 1 Explain the goal of budgets intended for managing money to meet business requirements Query 1 Webpage 1

1a. What is designed by the term financial resources? [1. 1]

1b. Explain why budgets are accustomed to manage financial resources. [1. 1]

1c. Explain how using finances helps to fulfill business requirements. [1. 1]

Now that you have completed Section 1 of the Assessment, remember to save the work you have succeeded in doing so far – you will need to give your work on your tutor pertaining to marking when you have completed all 3 Sections of this Examination.

Section two: How to develop budgets

This section will help you evidence Learning Outcome 2: Understand how to develop budgets.

Learning objective

Put in place Assessment

2 . 1 Clarify the purpose of tallying the formatting in which a price range will be provided Question 1 Page 2

2 . 2 Explain the goal of using quotes when making a budget and ways of doing so Question a couple of Page several

Question several Page a few

2 . a few Explain the objective of identifying timescales, priorities and financial resources needed when preparing price range and techniques for doing so Query 4 Web page 4

Question 5 Page 4

2 . 4 Illustrate the purpose of settling and uniting a budget Question 6 Web page 5

1a. Why is it critical that key personnel agree on the format in which a budget wil be presented? Explain this kind of below. [2. 1]

1b. What are the effects of certainly not using a great agreed structure to present price range? Provide an description below. [2. 1]

1c. What are the benefits of using a great agreed formatting to present price range? Provide an reason below. [2. 1]

2 . For what reason do you make use of estimations when developing a price range? In the space below give at least two main reasons why you might use a budget, providing an contextual case in point to support each reason. [2. 2]

Reason 1:

Reason 2:

3. Explain two methods which can be used in order to determine realistic estimations when having a budget. [2. 2]

Approach 1:

Approach 2:

4. There are three key factors when prepaing budgets: Timescales, priorities and financial resources. Inside the space below give two contextual good explain the objective of of discovering each of these factors. [2. 3]


First reason

Reason 2


Reason 1

Second reason

Financial resources:

Reason 1

2nd reason

five. How do you identify timescales, priorities and financial resources when preparing a budget? [2. 3]

6. It is important to negotiate and agree financial constraints. The consequences may be severe in the event this does not happen.

a. In the space below, identify the consequences of not discussing budgets. Offer an example to compliment your answer. [2. 4]...


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