"Faculty Needs Analysis of the University of Education in the Bulacan State University”

 Faculty Needs Assessment from the College of Education inside the Bulacan Condition University Composition


Statement with the Problem

Your research entitled, " Faculty Demands Assessment with the College of Education inside the Bulacan Express University”, was conducted to resolve the following queries: 1 . How may the faculty with the College of Education always be described when it comes to: 1 . one particular Personal Profile


1 . a couple of Professional Backdrop

1 . 2 . you Educational Achievement

1 . 2 . 2 Years operating

1 ) 2 . a few Work loads

1 ) 2 . four Status of Appointment

1 . installment payments on your 5 Relevant seminars joined

1 . 2 . 6 In-service Training

1 . installment payments on your 7 Account in professional Organizations

2 . How may possibly the requirements of the teachers as perceived by these people be described in terms of: installment payments on your 1 Personal

installment payments on your 2 Specialist

2 . a few Instructional

three or more. How do these types of needs have an effect on their efficiency in educating in terms of:

three or more. 1 Personal

several. 2 Professional

3. 3 Instructional

four. What are the possible faculty development applications to be recommended?


The researchers employed the detailed survey technique type of exploration with questionnaire as key data gathering instrument. This method was appropriate for the study because it involved some types of comparison or perhaps contrast and established human relationships between non-manipulated variables. Several statistical examines were also utilized to describe the research.

Summary of Findings

This study was conducted to assess the teachers needs from the College of Education of Bulacan Point out University: Angles for Teachers Development. 1 . How might the faculty of the COED be referred to in terms of:


Among twenty-one respondents, 13 (62%) are females and 8 (38%) males.

Educational Qualification

Every obtained a bachelor's level and about four (19%) of the faculty people have physician's degree although 13 (62%) faculty associates have attained master's certifications and away of these 13 faculty members 5 (24%) have units leading to doctor's degree whilst 4 (19%) of the other faculty members go after for a master's degree.. Vast majority 67% in the respondents acquired Professionals Panel Exams to get Teachers (PBET), 57% City Service Specialist, 29% City Service Sub-Professional, 19% passed the PERMIT Exam, five per cent National Personnel Youth Council (NMYC) Skills Test, and 62% got Professional Regulating Commission (PRC) ID. Among the respondents only 10% had reached their particular tenure.

Years in Service

The result of the analysis showed that in terms of teaching experience, the greater part (52%) from the respondents got ten years or more. While 67% of them got less than ten years teaching knowledge in BSU.

Work Loads

38% from the respondents possess work loads of 11 – 20 units, while 62% have various other non instructing loads.

Status of Appointment

Among the participants, 52% are permanent, 13 % will be temporary and 10% will be part-timers when 24% of them did not act in response.

Seminars Went to

Majority of the respondents (76%) have joined seminar/training of the major subject or area of specialization then research with 43%. Although only 10% of the participants attended seminar/training about ICT.

Membership in Professional Companies

A total of 52% of the respondents possess membership upon different teacher's organizations that happen to be mostly (19) on PAFTE 2 . What are the requires of the professors as perceived by these people in terms of: 2 . 1 Personal

Results show that amongst personal requirements, item amount 8 " insurance rewards ranked first. Coed Faculty members will need benefit or insurance for family and their very own future whenever they retire and providing these needs to them gives security for their foreseeable future. The respondents perceived that higher income is an essential personal need to be filled as it ranked second. Respect and love from the students gives satisfaction and self-esteem to get the teachers. Also, having good romance among faculty members and administrators and team building, equally ranked fourth-fifth place with a weighted mean of some. 43 viewed as reasonably needed although item no . 1 " appreciation and recognition from your students” rated last, but still has a large weighted imply of four. 14...


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