Ford's Web commerce Strategy

 Ford’s Web commerce Strategy Composition


In early 99, Ford released an integrated ecommerce strategy, with the aim of creating an interface among customers, retailers, vendors as well as competitors. The SWOT examination was analyzed for the development the approach, as well as the chances of success of such strategy. With Ford's desire to switch from В‘dealer-centric' selling to В‘consumer-centric' selling, all of us looked at the normal characteristics of online customers and how dealers could reinvent themselves to be relevant inside the changing automotive aftermarket. The pursuit of Ford's goal to be the world's leading consumer company that delivers automotive products and services features compelled Honda into bundled e-commerce approach in attaching with buyers through multiple touchpoints specifically those Ford's automotive-related companies. (ie. Hertz, Ford Credit and Kwik Fit) Kia has also evaluated her competitive advantage against her competitors to remain on course of her vision: " To become the world's leading consumer business for car parts and services".


Together with the rapidly evolving technologies which might be occurring in modern organization, organisations must be ready, and able to conform within their ever-changing environment. It is true around all different industries that in order to stay competitive, organisations must be able to utilise the various tools that technology has to offer. Technological factors had been of growing importance, particularly in recent years. A significant factor involved in these kinds of technology issues is the usage of the Internet as being a major issue to modern organisations. The Internet have been rapidly growing as its inception and is also now frequently used in all industries of communities, in all sides of the world. The Internet provides quickly become one of the most valuable property in modern technology, and as such, is definitely developing since an integral part of modern day commerce.


In early 1999, Ford announced an integrated web commerce strategy, with the aim of creating a great interface among customers, traders, vendors and even competitors. The strategy was expected to increase its supply chain managing practices (through the creation of a BUSINESS-ON-BUSINESS integrated dealer exchange), develop long-lasting employee relations to offering features customized according to the needs in the customers, on the web. (similar to Dell Pc's model) Hence the main objectives were to take speed, convenience and data to clients. This project made Ford one of the first car manufacturers to work through the Internet.

SWOT Evaluation of KIA

A SWOT analysis identifies a business internal abilities and failings and possible external opportunities and dangers. Hence with this information, Ford began to formulate, and possibly put into action, competitive ways to deal with future.


В•Size/global exposure - Largest trucks manufacturer in the world. В•Diverse range of products/business -- world number two manufacturer of cars, auto-rental business with Hertz, conducts business with it additional, Ford Credit and Kwik-Fit holdings, which supplies car auto financing and fixes respectively.


В•Loss of market share - Due to overseas competitors, such as Toyota Motor, increasing all their market share in the usa. В•Struggling Euro operations -- Increased competition from the two European and Asian brands, and a poor outlook about net motor vehicle pricing in Europe offers implemented dramatic cost cutting measures. В•Pensions contributions -- Faces rising pension and health-care responsibilities for its huge retiree base.


В•Asian automotive market - Ford Motors offers formed solid links inside the Asian market with stakes with Mazda.


В•Global industry coverage - Vehicle & Pickup truck Manufacturers Market has found a remarkable slowdown above recent years. This is due to the world economic system, increased taxation, petrol prices and standard running costs may lessen public demand...

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