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Lab record 2

Carbs and Healthy proteins Catabolism

Jessica Ware

Lab MW 11AM


* In this experiment carbs catabolism was initially tested beneath aerobic conditions. We started out this by simply drawing 3 sections on the bottom of the petri plate, dividing it in three parts. Using a sterile loop, we streaked just one line of each culture Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonal aeruginosa, and Escherichia coli, to each from the separate sections. The plate was incubated until the next lab period, where we after that flooded the plate with Iodine and could observe and record starch Hydrolysis. (Table 1) * In order to evaluation carbohydrate assimilation under anaerobic conditions we tested civilizations of Pseudomonas aerugenosa, Escherichia coli, and Alcaligenes faecalis in pipes containing a glucose method. After vaccinating each conduit with each of the bacteria 5mm of vitamin oil was poured into one of the tubes containing bacteria to observe anaerobic respiration and while one remained without vitamin oil. (Table 2) * We then observed protein catabolism in Entrobacter aerogenes and Proteus vulgaris. We inoculated pipes with every single bacteria, one particular containing a nutrient jelly and a single a urea agar channel and incubated the pontoons, at place temperature and observed the expansion and the color to determine whether hydrolysis happened. (Table 3) * To see protein catabolism we as well inoculated a single tube with Enterobacter aerogenes and the another Proteus vulgaris, allowed them to incubate and observed the growth and color changes after adding phenylalanine deaminase. (Table 4. )


Table 1 . Carbohydrate Catabolism

Starch Hydrolysis (Aerobic)

Organism| Growth| Color following Iodine| Starch Hydrolysis | Bacillus subtilis| Yes| Clear| Yes (uses starch)

Pseudomonas aeruginosa| yes| brown| Simply no

Escherichia coli| yes| brown| No

Table 2 . OF-Glucose (Anaerobic)

Organism| Growth| Color| Fermenter (F), Oxidizer (O), Neither (-)| |...


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