Seglar: Building for future years

 Essay on Lego: Building for the Future

SEGLAR: Building for the future

A Comprehensive Case

Abrar Ahmad

Shakeel Anjum

Ali Qurashi

Group Associates

Khuram Shahzad

Fahad Insha



Introduction Condition Analysis Trouble Identification (Main & Sub)

We will be getting close this case by first analyzing situation broadly then narrowing down our concentrate right to the condition and bottom line stage

Alternative Development Analysis Selection Implementa tion Recomm endation

Time Of Case

•Year 1999

Market Of Operation

•Toy developing

Time Of Business

•1932 By simply Ole the founder with few employees

Geographic Location

•Becloud, Denmark


•Danish word " Log Godt” meaning " play well”

Key Persons

•Ole Kirk Christianson (Founder) •Godtred Kirk Christianson (Son)


Size Of The Company

More than 10, 500 employees in 30 several countries and among world's largest gadget manufactures Just European business to take up a place in world's top ten toy suppliers Produces usana products in Denmark, US, Swiss and Korea and retailed through 62, 000 shops in more than 130 countries

50 years next its invention Some 203 billion SEGLAR elements have already been produced


Key Date ranges

• Ole Kirk Christiansen started business with couple of employees 1932 • PROFANO name was initially used


• Ole's son applied new materials to create four and 8-10 stud building bricks 1949 • Godtfred made most important discovery



• LEGO exposed 128 acre-theme park in carsbad


LEGO Group Businesses

SEGLAR group Enjoy materials Family attractions Life-style products Press


DEEP-LIST Evaluation

Social Environment

• Kid searching for a gift sooner or later will encounter the earth famous PROFANO brand • Many of modern-day parents, every new PROFANO experience retrieve memories • " I recall my brother a new biscuit container full of white and red LEGO bricks…….. ”

Technical Environment

• Towards nineteen forties, Ole recognize the huge potential of plastic material as new replacement of wooden range • In 49, Ole's kid used new material to create simple four and 8 stud building blocks • In 1958, Godtfred made most significant discovery towards joining inside hollow stones

Demographic Environment

• Kids as well as people from other age groups are knowledgeable to use SEGLAR brands

Note: - Zero sufficient info regarding Ecological, Economic, Political, Legal, Informational, environment supplied in the case

A market Analysis



P to r t e 3rd there’s r 's N i v e Farreneheit o ur c e s

Threat of New Entrants

Bargaining Benefits of Suppliers

Interior Rivalry

Bargaining Power of Buyer

Threat of Substitutes


I m p a c to & t i g n s o farrenheit p u r t e ur 's n o r c e s

Sign Impact Modest Positive Unfavorable Negative

Bargaining power of customer Bargaining power of supplier Threat of alternatives Threat of new entrants

Average Low High High

Inside rivalry



Take note: - Since several of the pushes in this version are unfavorable

therefore the industry in which PROFANO operates is usually unattractive industry

Goals & Objectives

Prefer to stimulate kid's creativity ‘Creativity unlimited….. Simply Imagine'


For people to have positive, content association each and every time they observe LEGO aspect.


H e g m elizabeth n to a to i o n & Ta l g e t M a r k at the t

Demographic • Age bracket (play components 0-5, perform materials 4-9, play elements 7-16+, learning materials 7-16+) Geographic • Asia, America, Europe, Asia


• Not offered Media Graphics • Not really provided

Customer Profile

Contains all the kids with concentrate on age range of 0 to 16+

The 4 Hard P's The 3 Soft P's




Product Categories(LEGO Group)

• All those products which have been built up around a story • Name directed at sets or buckets with traditional LEGO bricks

• Category for the children who haven’t yet...


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