This kind of chapter shows the background with the study, assertion of the issue, significance in the study, speculation, scope and limitations with the study, and definition of terms. BACKGROUND IN THE STUDY

Knowing the financial condition of the beneficiaries' prior to the program can determine how much improvements were achieved by the respondents while the 4Ps come into their very own lives. Through looking inside the comparison of the economic position of the beneficiaries in two separate occasions, progress therefore could be specified and directly measured when it comes to the changes the beneficiaries include achieved following your effect of this program. The real situations before the approaching of the program in the world of the indegent beneficiaries was really a misfortune in the first glimpse nevertheless for them these scenes had been just very ordinary as they appear in a daily basis. Feeling the pitiful circumstances of most Filipinos who hailed from the weakest of the poor life point out was a wonderful pinch to the heart of an observer. Searching on the informative evidences, before the implementation of 4Ps you possibly can then realized how much improvement was acquired and how very much had been offered by the software to the designed beneficiaries. The standard of life and living of each Filipino citizen within the poorest economic express suggest that these types of must be an action of the govt to at least simplicity the extreme problems they have believed. 4Ps is one of the innovations in the current operations to fight the large rate of poverty in the country today, a great initiative that is hoped to eradicate extreme poverty inside the Philippines. To ascertain how far and how much great wave this software had taken to the meant beneficiaries, there has to be a review within the previous current condition of the people to connect with the current state they have with the effect of the 4Ps. Regardless of the controversies the program can be facing at present, having very clear insight on the previous financial conditions of the beneficiaries is important to warrant the effectiveness of this software in combating poverty in the country.

Specifically, the program aims to accomplish the following goal and goals:

a. To promote human capital development among poor family members, especially children, to break the intergenerational routine of poverty.

b. To improve the health condition of children age 0-14years old.

c. To enhance the mother's health of pregnant and lactating mothers.

d. To raise consumption of chemical dense food among poor households;


This research was done to evaluate the monetary status from the beneficiaries in Barangay Cotabato City of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. It is designed to answer the following questions:

1 . Exactly what are the effects of 4Ps implementation to the selected beneficiaries of Barangay?

2 . Is there virtually any improvement on the economic position after the implementation?

3. Does the 4Ps plan eradicate the poverty knowledgeable by the participants?


This survey with the economic status of the picked respondents is very important in the following ways:

1 ) Determine the economic condition of the participants before and after the implementation of 4Ps.

2 . Present the contribution of 4Ps as a great act of eradicating severe poverty near your vicinity.


Analysis Hypothesis

1 . The beneficiaries improve their way of living.

2 . They can purchase immediately their basic needs.

several. Vices happen to be eliminated.


This research was executed on Mar 03 to March apr, 2011involving 40 4Ps beneficiaries in Barangay Quirino, Naguilian Isabela. The area was chosen for the analysis because almost all of the 4Ps beneficiaries of the municipality reside in the said Barangay and they achieved the skills to be the recipient of this program.



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