Recrystallization of Acetanilide Using Drinking water as Solvent

 Essay upon Recrystallization of Acetanilide Applying Water because Solvent

University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Pharmacy

Organic Chemistry Laboratory


Lagarteja, M. C. B.; Lim, H. G. N.; Lizo, K. L. R.; *Macalino, M. D. L.; Macapala, C. 2D-Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University or college of Imagen Tomas


Recrystallization is known as a technique used to purify organic and natural solids. This approach involves dissolving of a solute in a solvent and inciting the solute to produce a medications from a simple solution. In this research, acetic anhydride was included with the mixture of 2mL aniline and 20mL of distilled water. The mixture was cooled within an ice shower and blocked through filtering paper bringing on the crude acetanilide. The pure acetanilide was in that case produced by the filtered solution of elementary acetanilide and recrystallizing solvent. Choosing with the recrystallizing solvent was done by placing a little bit of pure acetanilide in three test pipes, each made up of: water, 95% ethanol and hexane. The last weight created by the natural acetanilide can be 1 . 1g contrary to the fat of the primitive of the acetanilide which is zero. 5g. Quantitative analysis demonstrated that the real acetanilide created 37. 04% percentage produce.


Recrystallization is actually a process of cleansing organic ingredients obtained from characteristics that contain sencillo, insoluble and colored impurities. This is depending on the premise that solubility boosts on the enhance of temp while solubility decreases around the decrease of temperatures. This is the method behind the formation of deposits. Recrystallization may be broken down in several measures. A suitable solvent is chosen followed by the compound becoming dissolved in a minimum solvent. Insoluble impurities are taken off and crystallization follows after cooling. The crystals happen to be collected and dried.

Finding the right recrystallizing solvent would result in the solubility of the contaminated substances inside the compound. The boiling level of the recrystallizing solvent needs to be lower than the compound to become recrystallized. There are lots of criteria in determining the very best recrystallizing solvent. The compound being filtered must be insoluble in the solvent at place temperature. It should be insoluble inside the solvent in high temperature. Upon low temperature, it ought to be soluble.

Acetanilide can be acquired by acetylation of aniline undergone simply by nitration in low temperature. Intended for acetylation of anilines, acetic anhydride is usually used. Also called as acetic acid anilide, acetanilide is definitely an odorless, white crystalline powder which can be soluble in hot water, alcoholic beverages, ether, chloroform, acetone, glycerol and benzene. It has a burning point of 114 В°C and cooking food point of 314В°C. This can be a combustible sound. When broken down, it is reasonably toxic. Experience of body damaged tissues would result in irritation. Pertaining to the production of rubber accelerators, dyes and camphor, acetanilide is used while an intermediate. It also used in penicillin activity and other pharmaceutical drugs like pain relievers and intermediates. It is contrapuesto with solid alkalis and oxidizers nevertheless remains steady under normal conditions. As well, it is an amide.

This research aims to detox crude acetanilide water, the best recrystallizing solvent, which is dependant upon the solubility of the sound compound, to make pure acetanilide and to determine the percentage deliver of the excess weight of the genuine acetanilide. As well, it should prove the recrystallization in purifying compounds.

Materials and Methods

The materials used were check tubes, Erlenmeyer flask, Bunsen burner, tripod, wire gauze, beaker, filtration paper, aniline compound, hexane compound, acetic anhydride and methanol.

The experiment started on the choosing of the recrystallizing solvent. Three test tubes that independently contained 1mL water, 95% ethanol and hexane had been added a corn feed amount of pure acetanilide. Water was your chosen recrystallizing solvent. Within an Erlenmeyer flask, 2mL of aniline and 20mL of distilled water were...

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