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Executive Synopsis:

This survey provides an evaluation and evaluation of a crew from Aristopharma Ltd; a huge pharmaceutical business of our nation. It was back 2012, every time a product called " Aprocin” (generic brand ‘Ciprofloxacin') of the company abruptly went into drop stage. The organization, though a new huge cover this product, in some manner lost industry share and faced a terrible situation. In that case during 04, 2013 that they formed a team composed of of a few experts inside the company. The goal of forming they was to solve the problem and ultimately increase the market share. This entire report rigorously discusses all the functions of those team members and justifies all of them according to the circumstance of this program. Moreover, the report likewise covers the working process of they and the means of implementation from the solution. None the significantly less, while undertaking the interview and exploration, we likewise had a few experience and thereby a lot of recommendations also. In addition , the role associated with an organization to boost effectivity of any group can also be understood from this tiny effort individuals. And lastly, the report also investigates the truth that the evaluation conducted has some limitations; not enough opportunity to meet every person in the team, as a result we had to assume the character traits of those users. But , overall, this report will surely offer an overview of any successful crew inside an corporation.

Phase 1 (Introduction)

It was in year 1986, when Aristopharma Ltd. started its journey with the assure of offering quality medicines at affordable prices. Now, Aristopharma Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical business in Bangladesh. Its 1st manufacturing plant, located at Shampur-Kadamtali I/A, 15 km by central Dhaka, is equipped with advanced facilities. The facility can be planned and designed to satisfy the local and international require both qualitatively and quantitatively. Aristopharma's next plant with 66, 500 sq . foot. floor location was built in 2010 near the existing plant to produce hi-tech items like inhalers, lyophilized injections, pre-filled syringes, suppositories, insulin & other folks bio-tech goods. The job work for it is 3rd plant as per all of us fda/ukmhra normal is moving on at Gacha, Tongi. The plant once completed would clear export opportunities to USA & European market segments. With the aim to cope with the challenges of globalization, Aristopharma ltd. moved beyond the boundary of Bangladesh in 2000, Vietnam being the first country to foreign trade. Today Aristopharma exports it quality drugs to 21 years old countries of 5 areas and is shifting aggressively to expand and extend its export marketplace. As a recognition to the Quality Management System, Aristopharma accomplished ISO 9001: 2000 certificate in 2006. The certificate was granted by Orion Registrar Incorporation. USA, one of the prime recognition bodies on the globe. Later on the certificate was upgraded to ISO 9001: 2008 common. Today about 4000 personnel are non-stop working for Aristopharma in its journey to build more healthy future.


Their vision should be to provide better healthcare pertaining to the contemporary society by production & marketing quality medications at affordable price.


Their motto is " Quality- the unit we count". And by quality we all never imply only merchandise quality, this extends to each of our all business activities as well.


Potency and efficacy is the support that we have gained from our people, our consumers and other stakeholders around all of us.

Chapter a couple of (Theory)

To handle critical conditions and to provide solutions of numerous problems, a company many times go for the help of several teams and groups. These kinds of teams and groups happen to be, mostly produced by the associates who happen to be involved in that organization. Yet , experts can also be hired if perhaps needed. The sole word that differentiate a team via a group is definitely " implementation”. When several people communicate inside...

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