Software Necessity Specification intended for BuzzyBUY. com

 Software Need Specification intended for BuzzyBUY. com Essay

Software necessity specification for BuzzyBUY. com

(Online Searching and auctioning Web Site)

Prepared by

Table of Contents

1 . Introduction 2 1 . Purpose two 2 . Document Conventions2

three or more. Intended Viewers and Reading Suggestions2

5. Product Scope2

5. References 2

installment payments on your Overall Information 3

1 ) Product Perspective3

2 . Product Functions3

several. User Classes and Qualities 3

1 ) Administrators a few

2 . Buyers4

3. Sellers 4

4. Casual visitors4

4. Style and Rendering Constraints5

5. User Documentation6

6. Assumptions and Dependencies6

3. External Interface Requirements6

1 . Customer Interfaces6

2 . Hardware Interfaces6

3. Software Interfaces6

some. Communication Interfaces7

4. System Features7

1 ) Listing7

installment payments on your Account Creation8

3. Selling8

4. Buying8

5. Rating8

6. Others8

5. Various other Non Efficient Requirements9

1 ) Performance Requirements9

2 . Security Requirements9

a few. Software Top quality Attributes 9

4. Organization Rules9

six. Appendix A: Glossary9

six. Appendix N: Analysis Models10

1 . Launch:

1 . Purpose: The objective of this SRS is to stipulate the requirements with the web based software program buzzybuy. com, which is an online shopping and bidding system. The component to be designed is the first version of buzzybuy –version 1 . 0. This Computer software Requirements Specs provides a full description of all the functions and specifications of buzzybuy –version 1 . zero

installment payments on your Document events: IEEE standards used. Proper sub numbering system to get sub topics depending on the importance and priority with the matter. 3. Intended target audience and browsing suggestions: The expected audience of this file is the teachers in charge of software program engineering research laboratory for sixth semester Pc Science, NITK suratkal. It will probably be used like a reference intended for grading in the lab to get even term of 06\. There is no suggested reading to become done before going through the file. 4. Product scope: Buzzybuy. com is designed to run on the two any contemporary platform with GUI. The assumption is that the back end that will be intended for implementation is MySQL plus the front end that is used can be PHP. 5. References:

1 . The applicable IEEE standards are published in " IEEE standards collection”, 2001 release. 2 . Software program Engineering, A Practitioner's procedure, 6th release. By Roger S Pressman. McGraw mountain international.

installment payments on your Overall description

1 ) Product perspective: This is suggested to be a great enhanced model of the present day existing shopping and auctioning portals. Many faults in the present buying online portals don't have been able to use the full potential of web commerce market. The software program Requirements Specs intends to recognize the imperfections in the current existing system and propose an alternate or a answer to them. 2 . Product Capabilities:

• This consists of two modules

1 ) Customer component

2 . Supervisor module

• A client should have a user account for undertaking transactions. • Transactions consist of buying, selling and auctioning. • Supervisor provides the consumer with a free account following correct registration procedures to prevent malpractices in the transactions. • Virtually any visitor is definitely allowed to go through the product list,...

References: 1 . The appropriate IEEE standards are printed in " IEEE criteria collection”, 2001 edition.


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