Tainos Article


And the impact on the Caribbean


Thesis Declaration: The Taino Indians, a unique group in Hispaniola, made many

advantages to the Carribbean that are even now shared and practiced

in modern-day society.


I actually. Background

A. Definition of Taino

B. Traditions / Way of life

II. Record

A. Casing / gown

B. Foodstuff / culture

C. Transport

III. Values

A. Religion

B. Misconception

IV. Incidents

A. November 18, 1493

B. The fall of 19, 1493


In December 6, 1492, Captain christopher Columbus arrived at St . Nicholas, in Haiti (Hispaniola). Consequently, this kind of began a totally new stage of your life on the island of Hispaniola. There is a flourishing civilization of Native Americans living there. The principal group was the Arawak/Taino Indians. Arawak is a general group to which the Taino Indians belong, and describes the regular language with this number of Native Americans distributed. They went from Venezuela throughout the Caribbean and Central America all the way to Sarasota; however , this group of Arawak-speaking people who lived on the island of Hispaniola was the Taino Indians. For about 1000 years the peaceful persons known as Taino had flourished in modern-day Cuba, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and many other island destinations in the Lesser and Higher Antilles. Nevertheless , less than 30 years after Columbus' journey, Spanish weaponry, force labor, and European illnesses would damage the Tainos. The Tainos left not any remains or perhaps signs of their particular existence and everything that continued to be of their culture were a few words in Modern The english language, such as grilling, canoe, hammock, and storm. However , movie to two exceptional digs carried out over the past 2 yrs, archaeologists happen to be increasingly enriching their knowledge of the complex society in the Taino and the sophistication of their artifacts (Corbett 1). This kind of knowledge has been recorded in details and passed on for folks to follow ribbean Sea at the time when Christopher Columbus' appeared to the " new world ".

Tainos: The Peopling from the Caribbean

The term Taino means " guys of the great, ” and then for the most part Tainos had been good. The name Taino is currently used to describe all of the Indians of the Caribbean island destinations at the time of the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Though each of the Indians who also lived in these islands at that time may have been comparable in appearance and shared a similar language, they were doing not all reveal the same nationalities. The Tainos were divided into major cultures, the Taino and the Caribs. They were likewise broken down in different regions; the European Taino, whom inhabited core to close to eastern Tanque and Discovery bay, jamaica; the Classic Taino, who inhabited eastern Cuba, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico; and East Taino, who inhabited the northern Reduced Antilles beginning with the Virgin Islands advancing South. (Barreiro 69).

Taino culture was dominant through the Caribbean, a lot and island world that in turn support of Taino civilization. The Tainos recently had an advanced lifestyle that merged agriculture, hunting, and gathering. The Tainos lived in everlasting villages consisting of a number of straw houses organized around an open plaza. In agriculture, seafaring, cosmology, Ciboney and Guanahatabey (western Cuba), Ciguayo (Bohio) and even Carib (Lesser Antilles) all adopted the material and far of the psycho-spiritual framework from the Taino. The initial Caribbean chatted Arawak. Those of the Arawak language family still comprise one of the more wide-spread American indigenous cultures, with relatively huge kinship international locations in the Amazon online and Orinoco river basins of South usa. Throughout the Carribbean usually in remote hill ranges and costal promontories, remnant teams and areas of Taino-Arawak have been implemented by the mestizo...

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