How come We Sleep

 Why We Sleep Composition


The Functions of Sleeping in Individuals and Other Mammals

J. A. Horne

Posted by Oxford University Press





1 . 1Early Rest Theories

1 . 2Daily Rest and Wakefulness

1 . 3Measuring Sleep



Sleep Deprival

2 . 1Problems with Animal Experiments

installment payments on your 2Recent Dog Experiments

installment payments on your 3Some Issues with Human Experiments

2 . 41896 - The First Actual Sleep Starvation Experiment on Humans installment payments on your 5The Longest Study - 264 hours Without Rest

2 . 6Abnormal Behaviour

installment payments on your 7The Lengthiest Study With More than One Subject - 205 hours installment payments on your 8The Walter Reed Experiments

2 . 9Motivation and Cerebral Impairment

installment payments on your 10Tasks Delicate to Sleep Deprivation

2 . 11Higher Levels of Desapasionado Function

2 . 12Spare Desapasionado Capacity

2 . 13Performance Actions Are Too Limited

2 . 14Two Types of Sleepiness?

2 . 15Short-Term Sleep Constraint

2 . 16Age and Sleep Deprivation

2 . 17Does Repeated Deprivation Develop Immunity to rest Loss? installment payments on your 18Can Rest Deprivation Effects be Hasten or Slowed Down? 2 . 19Do Long and Short Sleepers Differ in Their Recovery Sleep? 2 . 20Epilepsy

2 . 21Other Effects On the Human EEG



Physical Effects of Sleeping Deprivation

three or more. 1The Initial Major Physical Study -- Kleitman, 1923

3. 2The Next 50 Years

several. 3Body Restitution and Rest

3. 4Effects on Work out

3. 5The Control of Body Temperature (Thermoregulation)

3. 6Other Aspects of Homeostasis

3. 7Update on Junk Changes

several. 8The Immunity process

3. 9Conclusions about Rest Deprivation in Humans



Body Reimbursement[n]: reparation; indemnity; settlement; compensation; indemnification and Rest

4. 1Tissue Restitution: Necessary protein Turnover and Cell Split

4. 2Factors Influencing Necessary protein Turnover and the Cell Pattern

4. 3Feeding and Proteins Turnover

four. 4Mitosis, Sleep and Exercise

4. 5Metabolism During Sleep plus the Energy Cost of Restitution 5. 6Cell Energy Charge and Sleep

some. 7Human Human growth hormone Release During Sleep

4. 8Other Hormonal Improvements During Human Sleep

four. 9Thyroid Activity and Rest - Human body Versus Head Restitution four. 10The Effects of Exercise upon Sleep - Background

some. 11Is Body system Heating the important thing?

4. 12Conclusions



Waking Consciousness, Subsequent Sleep, and Cerebral " Restitution"

5. 1Background

5. 2Influences of Wakefulness on Succeeding Sleep

your five. 3SWS Alterations over the Night time, and " Models" of SWS

5. 4Brain Job During Wakefulness

5. 5Increased Awareness during Wakefulness and Subsequent Sleep 5. 6Reduced Sensory Excitement during Wakefulness

5. 7SWS Reductions in Psychiatric Disorders

5. 8SWS and Getting older

5. 9SWS Deprivation

a few. 10Brain and Behaviour During SWS

a few. 11Cerebral Restitution During SWS?

5. 12Sleep " Substances" and Immunoen hancement

5. 13Conclusions



Primary and Optionally available Sleep

6. 1Introduction

6. 2Natural Long and Brief Sleepers among Humans

six. 3Can the standard Sleeper Adjust to Less Rest?

6th. 4Sleep Extension

6. 5Are We Forever Sleep Starving?

6th. 6The Circadian Timing of Sleep

six. 7Abnormalities in the Timing of Sleep

six. 8Insomnia

six. 9Stage a couple of Sleep

6. 10Conclusions



Sleep consist of Mammals

7. 1Dolphins

six. 2Laboratory or Natural G?te

7. 3Statistical Analyses of Mammalian Rest

7. 4Sleep - the Immobiliser and Energy Conserver for Small Mammals 7. 5More Energy saving if Rest develops in a Torpor

six. 6Night vs . Day Sleeping Mammals

7. 7Food, Nourishing Behaviour and Cerebral Creation

7. 8Encephalisation

7. 9Conclusions so Far

7. 10Infancy



REM Sleep

8. 1Perspectives on Thinking

8. 2Memory, Homeostatic, Sentinel, and Mindset Theories almost eight. 3Abundance of REM Rest in Early Lifestyle - The Ontogenetic Speculation 8. 4Sleep After Increased Learning

almost eight. 5REM Sleep Deprivation in Animals - Background

eight. 6REM Sleep Deprivation, Learning and Travel Behaviour

almost eight. 7REM Sleeping Deprivation in Humans

8. 8Brain Proteins Synthesis and Related...


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